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YOU Have Something to Contribute.

BUT Sustaining ONE’S sense of PURPOSE IS HARD.


and how to get there.

In our careers, we often want to bring about some positive change, either in the world, in our local communities or even in ourselves. And, sometimes, we act. Yet, often, we run into resistance – forces seem to conspire and work against our best efforts, which can leave us feeling frustrated, demoralized or disheartened.

How can we be more effective?

I believe that personal and organizational change starts with rethinking conversations – specifically, grounding ourselves in our deepest sense of purpose. That’s why I started coaching individuals and groups on how to leverage purpose to build careers that are both meaningful and impactful. We all inevitably face forces beyond our control. Having support when we reach difficult junctures or choices can be crucial to sustaining ourselves and our work.



Through a process of self-discovery, I help individuals and groups along a journey of unlocking unrealized potential and possibilities.


Making sense of our past experiences and future direction can be hard. Sometimes, we need a helping hand.  One-on-one career coaching can help you build self-awareness and wrestle with questions of career identity and leadership development.  Individualized coaching offers a personalized career assessment, as well as weekly feedback and custom exercises that spur reflection, research and, ultimately, action towards a more meaningful and impactful career... READ MORE.




Pursuing a career change can feel like an isolating experience; many of us feel in it on our own, while we look around at others who seemingly have it figured out already.  In our discussion groups, you will engage with a group of peers in similar situations, learning from their experiences while reflecting on your own, all in the presence of a group leader who can provide perspective and guidance on the process of making significant change... READ MORE.



Erik Yazdani delivers 1-2 hour interactive workshops on topics related to leadership, conflict meditation and career change. They are part didactic and part experiential in nature, allowing participants to engage deeply with the topics and learn from not only the instructor but the experiences of other participants...



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Mission and Purpose

If you’ve come here thinking of making a career change, I know some of what you’re going through.  As an engineering major in college, I started my career with a different idea of where I was headed. Along the way, however, I realized that I enjoyed helping others find personal and professional fulfillment and made changes that brought me to where I am today.  That process began with having faith that a fledgling sense of purpose back then was something to take seriously, something to listen to and nurture.  

Along the way, I've learned how difficult change can be. And how isolating if can feel. Career changers often look around at the folks who seem to have it all figured out and wonder some version of, ‘What’s wrong with me?’  Feeling supported by others and learning in the company of others is a critical part of any change process.  That’s the reason I help people come together to find support in career change discussion groups.  

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About Erik

Erik Yazdani is a psychotherapist and career coach, working with groups and individuals. His coaching work specializes in helping people identify and sustain their sense of purpose, either by making career changes or through leadership development – helping people lead change in their existing organizations or careers. Erik is trained in Adaptive Leadership, developed at the Harvard Kennedy School. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Engineering from Cornell University, an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a Masters of Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School.