Adult Educator to Therapist

(Part 1 of 3) What brought about your transition into social work and now doing therapy?  When my daughter was younger, I was doing adult education work.  But I also started doing some other part-time work with unions and seniors. I really loved the work with seniors.  I enjoyed sitting with them and hearing about their lives because they had such rich narratives and stories to tell. I started not wanting to teach but to just sit and talk and listen to them.  And because it was seniors, it’s a group that often goes unseen and so it felt really important to sit and see them, to be a witness to their lives, and then have that reciprocal experience myself.  So I thought, I should be a social worker. 

It kind of evolved into this. There was one woman, I’d put my hand on her shoulder and I’d feel her relax.   Learning more about her, she lived alone and no one touched her.  So she had no human contact, so just that hand on her shoulder… and me listening to her was really impactful for her.  She came twice a week, she was always on time, and sometimes she would come early to talk to me.  It was that connection with people that just felt right to me.

Erik Yazdani