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Summer Discussion Group

Wed. 7-9pm, June-August

Pursuing a career change can feel like an isolating experience; many of us feel in it on our own, while we look around at others who seemingly have it figured out already.  In our discussion groups, you will engage with a group of peers in similar situations, learning from their experiences while reflecting on your own, all in the presence of a group leader who can provide perspective and guidance on the process of making significant change...


NYU Alumni Workshop

November 2016

(Note: This workshop is for NYU Alumni only.)


One-on-one Coaching

Available as needed

Making sense of our past experiences and future direction can be hard. Sometimes, we need a helping hand.  One-on-one career coaching can help you build self-awareness and wrestle with questions of career identity.  Individualized coaching offers a personalized career assessment, as well as weekly feedback and homework exercises that spur reflection, research and, ultimately, action towards a new career...



Mon – Sun: 7p

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